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Our Native-Speaking English Teachers





IELTS 專業團隊

NET(Native-Speaking English Teachers)外籍導師


My name is Sean Groen. I have been speaking English my entire life. I am Originally from New Zealand. I have lived in multiple English speaking countries, and I have moved around a lot. The High School I graduated from was an International High school located in Beijing, from this experience I have learned many different cultures and social norms.


I moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago and currently I am attending University. I am eager to understand of different cultures to be a professional NET.



Hello, my name is Kieran Green and I'm a graduate that has finished attending university in the U.K. I have always been interested in the fantasy and fiction genres of writing. This ultimately led me to pursuing a creative writing and literature degree in the U.K.


Personally, I feel as though reading storybooks is one of the best ways to teach children. Not only does it sharpen their English skills, it also allows them to develop an active imagination from an early age, which is important in fostering creativity in a child. My dream is to one day become an author, and hopefully write books that the next generation of kids will find interesting.


Hello there, I'm Richard Finnigan, a native English teacher from Liverpool, England. As the world advances, English is becoming more of a world language than ever before, many forms of international trading, businesses, airline communications are all conducted in English, the list is endless.


Therefore, I feel very happy to share the fortune of being born in an English speaking country with those who were not. I believe the best way of learning English is through immersion, to be surrounded by the language as much as possible. Combining immersion with fun and productive classes such as reading stories and drawing creates a natural environment for learners of all ages to improve their English skills.


I hope to be able to encourage my students and give them a safe and happy class in which they can not only improve their language ability but also foster enjoyable memories.

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